Displaying Old Glory on one of the tallest buildings in Miami

Miami, FL

My name is Marco A. Gorrin, I am a member of American Legion Post 346 in Miami as well as other organizations. I am a building inspector to one of the so many buildings being built in Downtown Miami called Paraiso Bay, to be 54 stories in height. I had the opportunity to present, on 15 April 2016, an American flag to high crane operator Mario Rincon to be displayed at the highest point of the crane on behalf of all the veterans organizations.
I had mentioned to the superintendent of the project what I had done, and his response was please wait until we top off the building. Well, I received a text message on 11 August 2016 from the superintendent with a couple of pictures showing the raising of Old Glory and then being displayed on the side of the building. He said, to Marco on behalf of American Legion Post 346, VFW Post 10212, VVA Chapter 620 and CAVA Cuban American Veterans Association they topped off today, they have raised the biggest American Flag on behalf of all four rganizations. This Old Glory can be seen at night because is well lit from the I-95 and I-195 highways.
This Act of Random Kindness, as simple as displaying the American flag, continues to give guidance for freedom to this great nation we call "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," land of the free because of the brave.

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