A Sacred Duty


Epic Ride flag escort

Salinas, CA

The Epic Riders (www.EpicRide2017.org) have been tasked with transporting a flag that has flown over the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery (CCCVC) across the country, and presenting it to the administration of Arlington National Cemetery. This symbol of our country has solemnly flown for months over those currently inurned there - both as a tribute to their service and sacrifice, and as a guardian of their dignity and honor.

This is a sacred trust that we do not take lightly; it will be as if we are escorting the very essence of all those who chose the CCCVC as their final resting place to the most hallowed ground in our land.

Further, we are honored to bring to this most hallowed location a flag that will be flown over the Tomb of the Unknowns, before it is returned to us. That flag will be given to the CCCVC where it be flown exclusively on Memorial Day henceforth.

We will be recruiting riders all along our route to join this important mission. Anyone interested in joining us should contact Hy Libby at hlibby@sbcgobal.net.

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