My family and me, patriots to the end!

Enterprise, AL

This is something I wrote back in May 2014, and it applies more than ever! My ENTIRE adult life has been dedicated to this GREAT NATION, starting in March 1975 when I joined the U.S. Air Force, Then in January 1980 I joined the New York State Army National Guard, then In January 1983 I joined the U.S. Army (RA). I retired from that in June 1999, then worked as a civilian for the Joint Warfighting Center starting in July 1999, I stayed there for 17 years then moved to the great state of Alabama, where I started work In (MWR) Morale, Welfare and Recreation serving the great soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of this great nation. If anyone dares ask why I get offended when someone disrespects my great nation or its flag … well, DUH! Figure it out!
Lord God Especially during this month, Bless all of our Military and their families, and let them Know that we appreciate their sacrifice so that we all may feel safe!
God all Mighty bless all the Vietnam Vets, especially the Vets people SPAT upon and called "Baby-Killers". And Yes, God Bless The ones that spat upon the Vets, for they Know not what they do. After all We did fight for their right for freedom and they are still your children Lord!
God Bless the Warriors of WWI & WWII and ALL that fought and sacrificed for this Great Country!
All Gave some and some gave all. I thank my Dad and all his comrades in WWII and My Father in Law in WWII, I tear up just thinking about it….do you?
We DID NOT do it for the COLLEGE MONEY, we did it because we Loved our country!
If you don’t believe that, just watch me when a Football, or baseball, game starts, or A NASCAR race starts and they Play and sing our Beloved National Anthem and just watch how I am trembling with pride and Joy, every single time I see Old Glory and hear our Beloved National Anthem!!! Do you get like that? If you don’t we are in trouble, we need to instill that pride and feeling in our young so that once again ALL of our people are proud of their country! They won’t be afraid to say the pledge of allegiance or to fly their Nations flag with pride! I do Every Day Proudly, and when I walk out to go to work, I make sure she Is not tangled and she is flying straight, just as we should do for our Government!
A lot of us were uneducated and joined partially for that reason, but we didn't have to stay in! We stayed in because we believed in what we were doing! Let me ask you this.... Does your heart beat really fast when someone sings the Star-Spangled Banner correctly! Do you put your hand over your heart when it is played? I still salute, as I believe I am still a soldier. When you put up your flag at your house, (if you do) does your pride level just sky rocket? Mine does!
When you see Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines Coming back with no arms or legs or in a coffin, do you shed a tear...I DO! When those same Military people come back do you say...."Thank you for your service and hold the door for them" I DO.

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