Honor and respect handed down through generations.


Passing down traditions, pride and honor

Damar, KS

It was Memorial Day 2017 in Damar, Kan. A small town with a population of about 130 people in very rural Kansas.
We had just moved here from Florida and I was asked to do photography at the annual Memorial Day services at the cemetery. I took this request with pride and loaded up my camera to shoot the day's activities.
Just as they presented the flag to be raised, a retired vet approached and called 3 young girls to assist him. With their help and a little puff of wind that blew through at just the right moment, this image was captured.

The image went on to become so much more than just a shot from the day's events. It held so much meaning to everyone who has seen it, even across the country with people who had no idea who was in the image. It does not matter who the people are, what matters is what that flag stands for and the power of the image itself. To me this image shows the handing down of traditions, values, respect and appreciation to our veterans for all they have done. It turns out the young girls in the photo are the granddaughters of the vet hanging the flag.

This image has been shared on Facebook, and has traveled to every state in the U.S. We have been swamped with people wanting hundreds of greeting cards with the image, and a few birthday cards. It took first place in the county fair this year for its "Americana" category, and yet with all the fame it may have it still holds just a very simple meaning taking us back to the respect and appreciation to our veterans.

There is so much in the flag and its meaning, there is so much in any image of our great flag, none being more important than the other, and all should be full of the pride and respect of America. This one just happens to be my favorite of our majestic flag, and I want to share it with all who might appreciate and enjoy it.

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