The American flag's history of disrespect

Crossville, TN

Ever wonder why people choose to disrespect the American flag even though they are living under its protection? This flag has survived a long history of disrespect from those who oppose freedom.
First was the British who tried to destroy the quest for freedom begun by America's founders. Our flag outlasted the British and our National Anthem is a testimony to this which would not fall even when attacked by "bombs bursting in air" and "the rockets red glare" during this war. The real heroes are those who kept that flag flying and those who still are.
The American flag was there even when Ameica was battling within. During the civil war it was opposed by another flag which wanted freedom for some but not all. When the dust settled the American flag was waving over a country that promised freedom for all.
This flag not only flies over a free nation but has traveled over the globe bringing freedom to those whose freedom is taken or threatened. Men like Adolf Hitler disrespected this flag because of its promise of freedom. You can rest assured that those rescued him from his death camps respect that flag .
Even during civil rights movements in the 50s and 60s it was guardsmen and federal troops and others under this flag that many times protected those who were fighting for the freedom they had been denied. Those carrying that flag were difference makers in that internal battle as well.
Those carrying that flag have also brought with them freedom of hunger and loss from disasters. Some of the first deployed in disaster are those wearing that flag. Soldiers,law enforcement, firemen, paramedics and others first responders usually wear that flag.. It is a beautiful sight to those who are suffering and beleive me they respect that flag.
There are stadiums filled with descendants of those who have been freed by those with this flag. Those who choose to disrespect it are not just disrespecting a cloth emblem on a pole but the millions of people that have sacrificed so much to keep it flying. It has and always will outlast those who choose to disrespect it. Than God for this symbol of freedom.

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