Everyone pays their respects as the flag burns.


Respectful disposal: Post 911 collects unserviceable U.S. flags, holds ceremony

Trussville, AL

The American flag that was to be disposed of at the ceremony that day was brought by a man who promised his father that he would have it disposed of properly after recently getting a new flag.
A small flag, torn and tattered, that has been attached to a veteran’s forklift at his job since Memorial Day 2008 was given to the post commander following the ceremony.
That flag joined the approximately 200 others in the commander’s car following the ceremony, then transferred to the District 21 Flag Disposal Team for respectful disposal.
As a kickoff to their new mission of collecting unserviceable flags for respectful disposal, American Legion Ryan Winslow Post 911 in Hoover, Ala., held a flag disposal ceremony recently.
“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response of the community. People really respect the flag as much as us veterans,” said Post Commander Ginger Branson. “This event has been a huge success.”
About 60 people attended the ceremony at the post headquarters, Hoover Tactical Firearms. George and Marynell Winslow, parents of the post’s namesake, were honored guests at the ceremony and the social following.
The flag selected for the ceremony belonged to the father of post member Scott Landreth.
“The flag had been on his property in LaGrange, Ga. When he got a new one, I told him that we would be properly disposing of it,” Landreth said.
One of the smaller flags accepted for disposal by Branson following the ceremony belonged to a veteran who had it attached to the forklift he drives at work every day. Robert First attended the ceremony and brought his son, Jeremiah. He first attached it on Memorial Day 2008.
“It is really tattered and dirty,” said Branson. “He told me he has it to remind him of his brothers and sisters who didn’t come home. It brought tears to my eyes when he told me the story of this flag.”
Prior to the ceremony, Department of Alabama Commander Ron Bradstreet presented a plaque to Patti Woodward of Hoover Tactical Firearms for the support they have given to not only The American Legion, but also many other veterans organizations. HTF graciously allows Post 911 to headquarter at their location, and set up fundraising tables for no cost.
American Legion D.W. Segars Post 1228 from Hueytown, Ala.,, is creating flag collection boxes from newspaper kiosks and will provide Post 911 a receptacle that HTF will secure outside the entrance so unserviceable flags can continue to be collected.

Outgoing Commander Ginger Branson, left, and incoming Commander Lyn, right, pose with George and Marynell Winslow.

Ron Bradstreet sounds Taps, while Scott Landreth salutes during the ceremony.

The flag that was used in the ceremony.

Scott Landreth explains the story of the flag to be used in the ceremony, while ceremony participants (from left) Ginger Branson, Ron Bradstreet, Joe Roca and Larry Parks look on.
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