The Peach Seed

The Peach Seed needs no comparison to other books it stands alone in its telling of a tragic yet triumphant story. A story that starts with a tranquil old-timey feel to the narrative that grows and expands with the reader. Adelia Wade is a reluctant psychic who doesn't intervene when her son E. J. joins the Marine Corps completely unaware of the terrible fate that awaits him. His brother Bobby, who hates his decision sees 1968 America in a totally different light wondering if E. J. joined for all the wrong reasons.

Adelia won't accept the news of E.J.'s death when a uniformed officer knocks on her door. Her family endures the loss only to discover twenty years later E. J. has been found alive. No longer E. J. but someone alien strange in appearance and behavior. It's an American story that truly defines the words "my brother's keeper."

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