Thankful for nurses who served

I was serving with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Cambodia in 1970. I was severely wounded on June 12. I ended up in the 24th Evac. on the ward with head injuries during the last two weeks of June. I had a bandage over my right eye and kept trying to see light through it. I asked a nurse (I don't know her name), "How bad is my eye?" She got the doctor and he just told me it was completely gone! I got a lump in my throat, then asked the nurse for a hand mirror. She didn't want to get one but I insisted. I looked at my face and started to cry, saying my girlfriend wouldn't want me now. The nurse started to cry and told me if she really loved me, it wouldn't matter. She stayed until I settled down. I married my girlfriend one year later and we are still married. Those nurses treated us so kindly, comforted us and wrote our letters. I was a physical and mental mess. I thank them and remember them to this day. Thank you!

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