A military nurse in Vietnam

The tears keep rolling down my face
I step outside to get away from this place.
I don't want to hear all the cries and the screams
Of all the soldiers who are wounded it seems.
I do my best to help with the meager supplies we are given
To calm the fears and ease the pain, it's for the soldiers I am driven.
I take a break and say a prayer as the tears keep falling down.
Then I hear someone yell "In coming" and I turn around.
I see the aid cars and choppers coming
The sound of the blades whirling and humming.
I help to get them out and onto a gurney
But for some of these soldiers it's the end of their journey.
And the tears keep rolling down my face
And I know I will never leave this place
Until ever soldier is home and safe.
And the tears keep rolling down my face.

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