Judges Howard Day, Mike McCanliss, Kelli Aiken, Jerry Schaffer and Cheryl Williams


Dept. of Texas 4th District Competition

Wylie, TX

Wow! what an amazing day we had yesterday! The 4th District was represented well by the young men and women who participated in the 4th District Oratorical Program. The Oratorical Program is a constitutional speech contest in which the contestants conduct an 8-10 minute prepared speech over a part of the Constitution. Then the contestants conduct a 3-5 minute speech over an assigned topic, and this year the assigned topic chosen was Amendment 15. Constitutional Amendment 15 gave African-Americans the right to vote without being discriminated against because of race, color or previous servitude.
Our contestants did an awesome job! We had seven contestants from 4 posts. This was the first year for 3 of the 4 posts so the district is getting more new posts to participate. A big thank you goes out to the posts!

The top three contestants were:
1st Place: Matthew Welch (winner of $500 scholarship)
2nd Place: Alaia Snell
3rd Place: Colton Franks

I want to give a big thank you to our judges (1st picture):
Howard Day, Mike McCandless, Kelli Aiken, Jerry Schaffer and Cheryl Williams
I also want to give a big thank you to all of our volunteers; without your hard work we couldn't have made the contest a success.
Fred Rogers, David Harvey, Larry Marshall, Mary Lange, Matthew Nyland, Lynn Vowell, Ted Ryuball, Lorne Kipphut and Mary Ann Paul.
Lastly, a big thank you goes to Waterbrook Bible Fellowship Church and the Wylie post that allowed us to use their facility (church) and provided food and refreshments (post).

Overall it was a great day!

Jason Castleberry, Colton Franks, Alaia Snell, Evan Watkins, Joelle Sanders, Ilisa Norman, Matthew Welch and Nathan Hunter

Judges with the contestants

Alaia Snell, Matthew Welch and Ilisa Norman

Evan Watkins and Jason Castleberry
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