Heritage Days Parade - Two Harbors, Minn.

Two Harbors, MN

The last time I can remember The American Legion in a Heritage Days Parade, I was 9 and a Junior Auxiliary member. 51 years later, I once again found myself on a Legion float in the Heritage Days Parade. It’s so nice to see the good things cycle back around.
A few months ago, the Auxiliary decided that this would be a great way to let the people of Two Harbors know we are still here, going strong and bringing back our Juniors. So we borrowed a hay wagon and used a member’s truck. Then we decorated, bought candy and asked for volunteers to ride. I was pleasantly surprised when so many responded! Riders included; SAL Commander Bob Pruden; post members Bill Carlstrom, Jennifer Havlick (dual member with Auxiliary); Auxiliary members Nancy Hopper, Zandra Kessler, Shelby Kessler, Kathy Oberg, Deel Hoffman, Val Osbakken, Nancy Couper, Elsie Kolberg, Barb Haselow-Seller, Nancy Couper, Elsie Kolberg, Tina Walker and Julianne Johnson; Juniors Sky Ronstad, Nya Johnson, Dayanna Johnson-Garst, Cazzi Kessler, JoZee Kessler, Emma Walker and Olivia Walker. A special thank-you goes out to SAL members Jim Kessler, who drove the truck, and Thomas Kessler, who drove for the POW Wounded Warriors.
We were positioned behind the honor guard and the POW Wounded Warriors, which was perfect as we stand behind our veterans and nothing should come before them!
As you can see, a great time was had by all those riding and watching. Even better, the fun didn’t end with the parade but continued right into the post, where we enjoyed the fantastic music and performance of Marty’s Golden-aires, a great marching band from the post in Bessemer, Mich.
It was such great fun, a good time was had by all, and we even received a few new members. Yes, we will do this next year, so please come join us!!!!

Nancy Hopper, past president/public relations chairman.

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