Print being presented by the artist, Don Scott, along with the Post 2 commander.


Iwo Jima survivor honored

Bristol, , CT

On Feb. 19, 2023, Seicheprey American Legion Post 2 of Connecticut hosted a “Iwo Jima/World War II Veteran Reunion” at the Bristol Public Library. A special presentation was made to Iwo Jima survivor Joe Caminiti. Two other Iwo Jima survivors were on hand to witness the event, he first time in all three lives they have met. Also on hand were four other World War II veterans.
During the Woody Williams Foundation presentation of the Gold Star Family Memorial Monument dedication in Berlin, Conn., back in April. Joe was asked by a painter who attended if Joe would let him paint him on canvas. Thus, the artist took pictures and returned to his studio in New York.
On Dec. 8 we were informed that the painting was done. Joe asked that it be presented on Feb. 19 in honor and memory of those who fought on Iwo Jima.
Thus, a ceremony was set for the 19th. The library opened on Sunday. Over 100 attended the event. Family, friends along with local officials.
Joe was presented a framed limited-edition print, number 001 of his painting. A second unframed print, number 002, was signed by Joe and the artist, then presented to the Bristol Public Library at the ceremony. A third print is being sent to the USMC Mechanized Museum at Camp Pendleton.
Work is underway to honor him at this year's Memorial Day Event by the City of Bristol. Looking to paint some of the other World War II veterans there. A few who attended that day the artist has met earlier and is working on their paintings.

The painting the limited-edition prints were made from. Museum quality.

Joe Caminiti standing by his print.

Iwo Jima survivors: Frank Peters, 100, Joe Franks, 99 and, Joe Caminiti, the youngest at 98. All standing tall as they talk with those who attended.

Copies of some of the other paintings done by Don Scott. They were on display at the event.

The artist with a few other copies on display talking to veterans.
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