San Diego 22nd District Inter-Post Membership Challenge

Vista, CA

During the 2012/13 membership year, San Diego Post 731 issued a membership challenge to Vista Post 365. The bet: "highest membership percentage on opening day of convention." The winnings "the losing post must cook a steak dinner for the officers of the winning post."
Results on opening day: Post 365 113.65 percent, Post 731 120.26 percent.

On Aug. 17, Post 365 hosted Post 731 and honored the bet. Pictured is "NOW" Post 365 Jr. Past Commander Chris Yates (aka Sucker) buttering the potato of Post 731 Commander Chuck Camarato (aka The Champ).

The dinner was a fantastic event with great camaraderie from all officers. The true intent of both commanders was to inspire the other 26 American Legion posts comprising the 22nd District to be creative when working membership. Challenges can truly be made to have fun. Regardless of the outcome, the true winner is The American Legion, as proven with the finishing membership percentages. Both posts are credited with growth accounting for 114 NEW Legionnaires.

The great sportsmanship of Post 365 was not unrecognized. After consuming their steak dinners, Post 731 presented a check for $300 to Post 365 to put in their Comfort Warrior Fund. Totally surprising, Mr. Yates!

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