Marlin Moore Post 133 revitalization

Palmetto Bay, FL

After I retired, I decided to give a good portion of my time to helping veterans and found Marlin Moore Post 133, where the first vice commander signed me up. When I was a youngster in Brooklyn, New York, the American Legion sponsored and funded our baseball teams; the guys who ran the post, the Cummings brothers, were just great, and I never forgot and wanted to give back.
We have been in the process of revitalizing the post and modernizing it for our young veterans with their families. We wanted to generate new interest in our post.
We held our first golf tournament, which was small but a well-run success and netted the post $1,000. We are partnering with our city, the Village of Palmetto Bay, Fla., to design and build a Veteran's Park with, hopefully, a Gold Star Family Memorial Monument, thanks to inspiration from "Woody" Williams of the Medal of Honor Foundation.
We hope to have several quality monuments to honor those who served.
But we would like to incorporate a youth program to educate our youngsters as to the cost of the freedoms they enjoy, and perhaps have a small parade area for local high school bands, and perhaps have small concerts during the summer. One active side (no ball fields or playgrounds) and a contemplative quiet side.
We really did not know anything much about our post's namesake, Marlin Moore, until recently. One of our guys is researching his history. We found an old portrait of him, stowed away in a closet at the post. It is now prominently displayed.
Jesse Marlin Moore was an E-6 in the Army Air Corps, a bombardier, went on numerous missions and was shot down over France Aug. 6, 1944, and is buried in Normandy.
Well we were able to locate the Moore family, and found out his brother John Moore served in the Pacific in the Artillery, and he, his wife and whole family were our honored guests on Memorial Day. We also rang the bell for 16 of our Legionnaires who passed to Post Everlasting last year.
I am now post Adjutant, learning more about the Legion every day and proud to be a veteran helping other veterans. We have to update to make our post a family place that our veterans will want to come to with their families. Modernization with the same goals toward living and teaching Americanism.


Paul D. Amato
Marlin Moore Post #133
16401 SW 90th Avenue
Palmetto Bay, Fl. 33157

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