Vietnam quilt

Westcliffe, CO

The quilt pictured was designed and created by Michele Hoffman, a Vietnam-era veteran and PUFL Legionnaire. The custom quilt is 80X116. The cost of materials was $545, and 50 hours of labor. Hoffman was able to raise the funds to cover all the costs. The label on the back of the quilt shows all the financial, photo and support donors.
This quilt was made for the National Vietnam War Museum in Mineral Wells, Texas. The naming rights will be auctioned off at the annual spring fundraiser in Dallas on April 1; the quilt will then remain at the museum.
This quilt was designed and created by Michele Hoffman (USAF 72-76) for the National Vietnam War Museum
Thank you to the following people and organizations for your financial support, your photographs, and your support of this project
Richard “Lamb chops” Price Recon 101st Airborne 70/71
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 170, Westcliffe CO
Spencer Young VFW Post 12063, Westcliffe CO
Randy Knight USN
Roger Moore USN SK3 66-68
Gene Bland USMC
David Brockett Capt, USMC
Buddy (and Carolyn) Bowman USN Seabees 64-66
Debbie Drexler, Karl Drexler US Coast Guard
Rodney Cincich TM# (55) USN Subs USS Gurnard 67-71
Keith A Waibel (and Pam) USA Special Forces 69-78
Cal Foreman CPL USMC Naval Gunfire Spotter 69-72
Phil Hunt BTC (ESWS) USN
Charles Bogle USA Col Retired
Daniel Hoffman USA Medic
Tim and Ellen Swartz
Ivan (and Nancy) Brooks USA 66-68 Vung Tau
J Michael Hess 2nd Lt Airborne Ranger
Bob “Hawk” Hollingsworth USMC Retired
Joe Arbuckle USA Retired
George Knox USA Nurse
Brad Bradberry USMC
Jim Messinger National Vietnam War Museum
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