A joint-service flag detail, made up of servicemembers from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, fold the National Colors as part of a memorial service for 28 veterans recently conducted at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.


Veterans honored with final salute

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Legionnaires joined several other veterans service organizations from across North Central Texas – to include the VFW, Marine Corps League, Military Order of the World Wars and Patriot Guard riders – for a final salute to veterans at the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery Nov, 19.
None of those in attendance had a personal connection to the 28 souls – from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard – being interned. Rather, they offered a moment of reverence to fellow veterans who’d previously donated their bodies to science and now sought a final resting place.
The University of North Texas Health Science Department, working with the National Cemetery Administration, arranged the service as a tribute to those who’d not only served their country, but medicine as well. Health Science officials noted that the veterans’ cadavers were critically helpful in training future doctors.
As part of the memorial effort, a joint-service flag detail solemnly folded the National Colors and presented them to four Armed Forces representatives. A prayer was said, Taps sounded and a 21-gun volley echoed over the cemetery’s rolling hills. The brief, but somber ceremony complete, attendees quietly departed .... Lest we ever forget.

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