California American Legion College Centennial Class 1 Students and Instructors.


California American Legion College graduates centennial class

LosAngeles , CA

The California American Legion College graduated 17 students on March 24, 2019.
Students traveled from the northern and southernmost parts of the Golden State to meet in Los Angeles to participate.
This is the third class in the past 12 months offered by the college. The students must have completed the most current American Legion Basic Training Online Course at the American Legion Extension Institute as a prerequisite to be selected to attend.
Classes taught were Corporate Responsibilities, Resolutions, Post Officers, Post Adjutants, Recruiting and Retention, Social Media, and Traits of a World Class Post.
This class was groundbreaking for the American Legion Auxiliary when two students joined the Legion for the three days to receive their diploma.
“'Family First' was Past National Commander Denise Rohan’s tagline and we decided to open it up to the Sons and the Auxiliary," said Autry James, dean of the college.
The American Legion Department of California Convention will be held in Ontario June 27-30, 2019, when they will announce the next location, expected to take place in October.

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California Gold Brigade American Legionnaires meet during California American Legion College.
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