"FROM HERE TO INSANITY" An immigrant boy becomes a citizen by way of the Vietnam draft, and other stories

Dayton, OH

A little boy’s idyllic world is upended when he is brought to the U.S. by his well-meaning family. When Robert Mencia was 12, he was told he was moving to America. Within a week he was settled into a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with his three sisters and one brother. Gone was the exhilarating freedom of a tropical jungle as a playground as he was suddenly thrust into the middle of one of America’s largest cities. When his English gradually improved over the next year, he was allowed to attend school and graduated from Fairfax High School at age 15. The U.S. Army’s induction notice came within a month after he turned 18 years old. Thus, he was now drafted into a nightmarish, hellish war that took place in Vietnam’s rainforests during the tumultuously rebellious ‘60s. "From Here to Insanity" takes us on Mencia’s quest from his wonderful youth to a man set out to conquer the immigrant’s desire of the American dream while chasing windmills.

About the author:
Robert Mencia is a modern-day word troubadour. He's a published poet and now has written his memoirs. After his 8-year U.S. Army stint, he became a clothing manufacturer, small business entrepreneur and real estate broker. Now, in retirement, Robert desires to hand down his enduring memories to his grandchildren so they may know his hard-won truths and greater triumphs as they face life's challenges.

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