Veterans Day remembered

Bellerose, NY

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, a day to honor all who have served this country and sacrificed their lives for the greater good. Americans really should take a pause on that day to honor our brave men and women. Since over 243 years ago, many have fought and died for all those freedoms we all hold most dear. I myself served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam era and was proud to have done so. As a member of American Legion Post 103 in Douglaston, I ask the many to salute our brave men and women who are now serving this great nation, who are now serving in most dangerous parts of the world like Afghanistan. Those who do so have done it at great personal sacrifice by leaving family, friends and jobs behind to serve the greater good. I hope and pray this Veterans Day that the many who can will fly the American flag of this great nation in their honor. Let me also ask all who read this letter to call a veteran you might know and thank them for a job well done. May God bless these brave Americans and may God bless America on this day we call Veterans Day.

By Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Writer is a member of American Legion Post 103 and Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911.

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