Post 35 celebrates Christmas with nursing home vets

Columbus, GA

On Dec. 8, 2019, Post 35 (Legionnaires. Auxiliary, SAL) all pulled together to give an early Christmas to the veterans of the Tuskegee VA Nursing Home and the veterans of the Magnolia Manor nursing home of Columbus, Ga.

Prior to this several members of the Auxiliary made hand-sewn gift bags, and stuffed them with blankets, toiletries, socks, Search-A-Word books, Kleenex, fruit, candy canes and other candy, donated by the DAR.

On the morning of the big day, Janet Aprill and her team from were busy in the kitchen preparing the meal, while Auxiliary President Mearl Betcher and the ladies of the Auxiliary went about setting up the lounge.

As the veterans from Tuskegee were arriving, we got word Magnolia Manor had to cancel, as their bus driver had not shown up. The post started to make plans to ensure that these veterans were not left out.

The veterans from Tuskegee had a great time; even our district commander and his staff had a good time and were very pleased with our efforts. The word spread all way up to the North (Pole), and the Big Guy himself showed up to pass the gifts out to the veterans as they left.

And good to our word, the following Thursday several members of the Post 35 Family, along with our state junior vice commander Pat Liddell, gave the veterans of Magnolia Manor their early Christmas.

Santa's Helpers
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