Memories of Fort Campbell, 1967

Fort Wayne, IN

I remember the first time I had fire watch. I was told by Sgt. Ramsey, my DI, to go to the "far tar." I asked what the “far tar" was. After 25 push-ups, he pointed to the fire tower and in no uncertain terms questioned my ancestry that how could I not recognize the *** far tar? I quickly realized I needed badly to understand his deep Southern accent. I also remember the “shots” with the gun, one guy in my platoon passed out as well, one guy jerked his arm and needed stitches. I have never experienced such heat and humidity in my life before or since. We thought the rain would help, but all it did was raise the humidity higher. One last memory: as we arrived at the bus station in Clarksville they were playing “Take the last train to Clarksville and we’ll meet you at the station” by the Monkees - how hilariously ironic! I wouldn’t say it was enjoyable, but very memorable! I still hate green!

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