Clarence sitting on the right.


Sgt. 1st Class E-7 Clarence H. Snow Jr., a real American

Erieville, NY

China-Burma-India. Radio teletype and ground communications. Worked with English and American communications. He received a letter of commendation from the English government. My father was very instrumental to getting the English and American teletype units to “talk and communicate together.”
When we would ask him about his service, one thing he would tell his two sons was, "There was not a lot of places to hide at the top of a pole” when the shooting began.
Clarence began his signal career at Camp Rowder “C” Company MO, November 1942.
While in India he was assigned to the 835th Signal “B” Company.
Dad returned home after completing his tour, a number of years, to marry the most perfect lady and have two sons. Dad never stopped working and helping people throughout his entire life. He was a master construction mechanic, a dairy farmer for a number of years, and a school bus driver for our local school district as well. Dad would earn the respect of anyone he would meet or work with. He helped set up the first ambulance corps in our town. His last job, and he had a number of jobs, was that he went to night college and graduated a full registered nurse, at the age of 66, and worked at a local hospital. He was recognized by the local TV station as the first graduating grampa of Onondaga Community Collage. He finally retired at the age of 70 - so he said.
Being an E-7 dad was not easy to live with at times, but he was always there for our family. I was the youngest son and I went into the Army as well. My brother could not enter the service because of medical reasons. My training started being 11Bravo. Because I had some electronics training as well, my MOS training changed to O5B, running a grunt radio. My orders for Vietnam were changed and I ended up in Europe and crossed trained once more to O5C, radio teletype. As you can imagine, we had much to talk about. We are very proud of Dad and what he accomplished, as well as what he gave to America. Dad was a true American and that is how we were raised as well.

William Snow

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