I'm A Brat

Jim Odom of Springfield, Missouri has published a new book titled I’m A BRAT, a story about a ten-year-old child in a military family, David Boyer, who has just moved for what seems like the millionth time. After a year with no friends, he now has an opportunity to reinvent himself so he can fit in. The problem is, into what? David’s comical journey for acceptance is met with many challenges and a chance to even the score with his tormenting brother. But will David’s monstrous bike, his brother, or a string of bad luck stand in his way of making friends? Or will his fortune change for the better?

On average, a military family moves every two or three years. I’m A Brat, a humorous middle grade novel, takes a unique look at military life through the eyes of a child and deals with the struggles of being the new kid.

Twenty-five percent of all profit from the sales of I’m A Brat, from Memorial Day, 2015 through the Fourth of July, 2015, will be donated to the American Legion to support veteran and youth programs.

I’m A Brat is available in paperback at www.jimodombooks.com as well as on www.amazon.com for a list price of $8.99 plus S&H. Digital form is available for $3.99 at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

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