1967 Bob Hope Christmas Show - Cam-Ranh Bay, Vietnam

While stationed in Cam-Ranh Bay, we were told that Bob Hope was going to do a Christmas Show with Raquel Welch, Barbara McNair, Elaine Dunne and Madeleine Hartog Bell(Miss World). Myself and a few friends from my unit begged our Sergeant if we could leave a day earlier to get a good spot near the stage. The Sergeant gave us permission and we set off to the field. We were right up in front of the stage and unfortunately it rained all night and we slept on the ground with our poncho liners, but we didn't care because we were going to get the entertainment of our lives!! My only concern was my camera and prayed that the rain wouldn't ruin it. I guess it didn't because I took some beautiful photos of the show. Prior to the show various officers were trying to pull rank to take our spot, but we told them there was no rank privilege...first come...first serve, besides they were outnumbered by us!

We were so excited when the show started. Bob Hope was hysterical with his lines and his guests were beautiful. They put on quite a show. Bob Hope can certainly make you laugh and lift your spirits even in a bad situation!

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