A Fresh Breath Of Freedom

My name is Stan Robinson. In circa 1943 I volunteered for the US NAVY in WWII having served in the Atlantic and Pacific campaigns. I am often asked would I do it again? I always answer, "Certainly". My freedom and my country are very important to me and I am proud to have served and if needed I would repeat the experience. The GI Bill of Rights enabled me to receive a Bachelors in Engineering which under normal circumstances would have been impossible. I was married in 1948 and that assignment motivated me to go further in night school for a Bachelors in Engineering and a PhD in Management (Major) and Psychology (Minor). The latter was achieved after receiving a Masters in Engineering. All the above was the motivator which includes my service in the military. America the Beautiful is a life time pursue of happiness and is the only planet in the world where you get a guarantee of freedom.The problem is that America takes freedom for granted and society is inadequate in building the proper sense of awareness. After 43 years in corporate row I retired as an International Vice President (corporate staff) of a number one company in its category. My work took me to sixty countries and I can attest to the fact that the USA is one of the kind. When you play the song "A Fresh Breath of Freedom" listen attentively to the message. There is an accurate and potent message that will surely help you to overcome the current state of unawareness.

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