Poppies & Roses

Dear Editors, I wrote this poem in honor of those who have passed on due to the effects of exposure to Agent Orange.
Poppies & Roses

Red poppies teem in Flanders Fields
A blanket o’er whose blood was shed
Mute testimony to shot and shell
War’s price was dear, men trod through Hell
And now lie together dead

Fresh Silver Roses dot the earth
Among those poppies somber red
They lent their silver to the bells
That tolled when e’er their bearers fell
And joined their brethren in their bed

by Ken Jackson, 7/03/2016

Vietnam Vet '66-'68 (Two tours)
Member, Legion of the Silver Rose - a group of veterans afflicted by the hidden but lasting effects of exposure to dioxin Agent Orange. They are the "bearers of the Silver Rose".

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