Fixing America's Shattered Politics

Retired Army Major Alan Duff has authored the book, "Fixing America's Shattered Politics: Practical Steps Concerned Citizens Can Take to Regain Our Lost Government."

While serving in local elected office following a 23-year military career, retired Army Major, Alan Duff, came to the conclusion that self-serving politicians are the greatest threat to the future of America. In this non-partisan book, Duff explores practical steps concerned citizens can take to solve this out-of-control problem and regain our lost government.

Based on the principle that the US military is one of the more respected professions within America, while politicians are one of the least respected professions, Duff identifies the extensive differences between these two service-oriented professions as a blue-print for improving the situation. This book has been endorsed by numerous military and political leaders as a great book for patriotic American's concerned with the future of our nation.

Alan’s background includes 23 years of military service, retiring from the Army Reserves in 2005; six years in local elected office from 2006 to 2012; five years of veteran advocacy at both State and Federal levels; and “Veteran Advocate of the Year” award winner by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal in 2013.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to two non-profit veteran service organizations: Veterans Journey Home and Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Charity.

This book is available at or

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