Treaded On Me!

In volume ll of the Treaded on Me! series, this new novel continues the supercharged plot that began in Rise of the Constitutional Militia. Only this time, the stakes are higher.
Now the leader of the United Constitutional Militia, Sgt. Karl Karnic finds himself in the midst of even greater conflict. The nation has been rocked by a devastating attack from an unknown enemy. Karnic’s reunion with his childhood sweetheart, Angelique, is over as quickly as it began. The former Texas Homeland Security head sets off to find her missing parents, but her search is interrupted by the arrival of invading forces.
Meanwhile, Karnic’s subordinates Kate, Sierra, and Carlos head out west, where they uncover outrageous abuses of their fellow countrymen, now refugees. Karnic and his compatriots must fight for not only their own lives but also the countless others they’ve sworn to serve and protect.

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