Patriotic football piece by Minneapolis writer Cain Pence

When men battle In the trenches.....

When men battle in the trenches,
Coaches plan, owners plot, quarterbacks lead offenses

Friday night lights, Saturday college glory, Sunday tradition
Man cave parties, cable package specials, big screen addition

Pads and tackles, helmets and hits, hardcore fans, smash mouth
Vikings and Packers, Steelers and Ravens, NFC North, AFC South

Scheming coordinators and pass down defenses
Interception and fumbles, touchdowns clear the benches

Wealthy owners, taxpayer funded stadiums and a glorious Super Bowl
Yet, these trophies are not the highest goal

Men who fought upon the Gridiron seek glory Monday night
But we remember other brothers in a far tougher fight

Bunker Hill and Valley Forge, Iwo Jima and Midway
Gettysburg and Antietam, Vietnam was no easy day

From the Revolution to the bloody Civil War,
World Wars One and Two, a chaotic Korean tour

Persian Gulf, deserts in Iraq, mountains in Afghanistan
Whatever the challenge, the American soldier can

Warriors who come up short, whose legs go lame
Warriors who lose arms play more than just a boys' game

Lombardi believed in struggling for the hard fight
As Americans we also believe in fighting for what's right

Brady, Montana, Bradshaw, Unitas led the team to score
Washington, Jackson, Grant, Eisenhower led the nation to more

When we stand for our home team we shout and cheer
When we stand for America we remember values most dear

American football is great, fight hard for your team
American freedom is greater, Honor those who protect the American Dream

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