Gridiron On The Great Lake

The 1918 Fort Ontario (Oswego,NY) Army football team was the best amateur eleven in Central New York and arguably, one of the finest service teams in the country. The team, made up of varied religious, racial and ethnic players from across the country, was not only unbeaten, but, unscored on. Follow them along the football season as they battle their opponents, the influenza epidemic and the horror of dealing with the casualties of The Great War.

• A Member of the 1916 Rose Bowl Brown University Team
• A Native American "Poor Mans" Jim Thorpe
• A True, Local, "Tough Guy"
• The Devastation of the Most Brutal War in History
• An Epidemic That Surpassed Any Known to Man
• Tragic Stories of Loss
• Jubilant Stories of Love
• The Local "Boys" and the Local Hero
• The Game of 1918 - Brutal as it Was
• Syracuse University Football
• Service Football in the U.S. and Abroad
• General Hospital #5 - Fort Ontario
• The Angels - The American Red Cross
• Racism & Diversity

$5 from each website or personal sale will go to veteran’s charities. A $5 matching fund donation will be made by the corporation that I work for as well as those from my “philanthropic partnership”.

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