We Can't forget Vietnam

This documentary was in the making of Bill Mahon and Jim Peeler's mind for over 15 years. Jim, who was involved in the TV station world attempted time after time to get it done using the expertise of himself and others in the station. But the General Manager time after time denied it. Finally Jim broke through an a fairly new General Manager and wham in five months after publication it was winning awards such as the AP Award for journalism, Edward R Murrow award and I received for the station an Emmy award on Oct 15, 2015

This documentary has background information on the war, blended with the Music of the time.

It is a mere fifty seven minutes long that make folks open their eyes.

There are no actors. You will meet a sixty-three year old sister of a Veteran who was killed when she was a teen. A Ex Pow and his story today. Marines Navy Army Veterans
We tried forever to get a lady Vietnam Vet but the ones we contacted would not speak.
This is about everlasting pain and never a loss of country

To review go to youtube.com and search we can't forget Vietnam

Note there was a follow up to this called From the Ashes of Vietnam that has won an Emmy and the National Edward R Murrow award.

Not bad for a persistant Legionairre and a Photographer. Tho Jim Peeler is really much more then a photagrapher.

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