A Special Bond

A Special Bond

My life was touched by lots of folks
Throughout these many years,
Most brought me joy in countless ways
While others caused me tears.

Some I knew but chose to forget
The choice was mine to make,
Cause I’d rather say goodbye to them
Than be someone who was fake.

Others I’ve known weren’t meant to stay
In my life for very long,
So they continued on without me
I’m not saying they were wrong.

But it seems that of the best that stayed
Those with character faithful and true,
Had once worn our nation’s uniforms
And defended our Red, White and Blue.

I met most so many years ago
And still see them today,
I met others much more recently
But the kinship is just the same.

For as Veterans we share a certain bond
That goes deeper than friendship alone,
Forged by lessons learned in our uniformed years
That we’ll take forward ‘til day is done.

And when that day comes and I’m laid to rest
My friends will all offer goodbyes,
The most special of which will be slow salutes
From fellow veterans with tears in their eyes.

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