American Legion provides classroom flags

Lakehurst Elementary School in Lakehurst, N.J. recently suffered a massive mold problem, sufficient enough to shut down the entire building and temporarily reassign all the students to other nearby facilities while the school was decontaminated. Lakehurst is a small community that grew around the Lakehurst Navy base, and many of the students are from military families.

As a result of the mold problem, the school needed new ceilings, supplies, a new library plus whole lot more. Happily, it's been reopened, but there was still something missing - American Flags for the renovated classrooms.

Board of Education member, Deborah Pease mentioned the problem to her aunt and uncle, Darlene & Bob Scheiderman, both Navy veterans, and both past commanders of American Legion Post 129 in Toms River, N.J. They presented the situation at a general meeting of the American Legion and Post 129 decided to rectify this problem immediately.

In April the flags were proudly delivered, and each classroom was excited to receive their new flag. The kindergarten class sang our National Anthem, as all the adults in the room proudly saluted the new colors.

Lakehurst Elementary School Superintendent, Loren Fuhring commented, "We're super appreciative of the donation, Now our classrooms are complete."

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