The moment she set foot in Vietnam -- Christmas of 1968 -- during wartime, with no government approval, Linda Patterson became a living legend with an ambitious mission. And for 50 years, she's proven that those of us at home can do much to raise the morale of our military's men and women so they can "soar as high as the clouds," as her brother Joe had written in his last letter. Without realizing it and by simply doing her best to honor her brother's memory, Linda has become a source of inspiration for many ... for women daring to dream, act and love fearlessly ... and a place of comfort and acknowledgment for our troops, military families, civilian volunteers and entire communities.

Linda is the proud recipient of many local, regional and national awards and honors, including the Army's Outstanding Civilian Service Award. She lives in Pacific Palisades, CA, with her husband Steve. A Dove Among Eagles is her first book.

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