Giving back to those who served

Eric Gordon has taken on a mission of service to former military personnel who have actively served and protected America during wars and peace time at home and abroad. Eric, who resides in the Gainesville, Ga. area, brought new life back to military equipment displayed at veterans’ facilities and on city and county properties. This anti-aircraft gun used in the Korean Conflict, recently repaired, was returned to the Leesburg, Ga. American Legion Post 182 on August 1. He has taken the second anti-aircraft gun for repair.

Gordon, in stating that he did not serve in the military, considers revitalizing the equipment his way of giving back to those who did serve and thanking them for their service. He has reconditioned equipment in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama. He does not receive compensation for his labor nor reimbursement for his expenses. Restoration takes about one month.

Eric Gordon is pictured on the left with Adjutant John McClung, representing the Leesburg American Legion Post 182. Eric and John are pictured preparing the second anti-aircraft gun to be loaded on Gordon's trailer to be transported to his shop in Gainesville, Ga. to be refurbished.

In the second photo, Leesburg American Legion Post 182 members are pictured with the anti-aircraft gun that was repaired by Eric Gordon.

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