Honor Guard

The field is lined with stones with names, dates ad symbols, of fallen soldiers. Each one has a story and history that may not be remembered or ever passed on.
The last farewell to another fallen soldier, an honor bestowed upon all that have served their country, an honor I will also receive at life’s end.
Seven riflemen will be present and given the order to fire three volleys, representing duty, honor and country. Every shot fired reminds me of the bravery, commitment, dedication and honor this individual gave to defend and protect our great nation.
As taps echoed in the background of my mind, my heart filled with emotion and I cried an everlasting cry. It is my duty and honor to be part of this tradition.
When the United States flag draped over the coffin has been folded and presented to the family, and the last words have been spoken, we march in silence knowing that our duty and obligation has been fulfilled. Another fallen soldier honored and laid to rest.
Tomorrow will present a new day and a new story
This soldier served his country with dignity and honor. His service ensured our countries safety and freedom. Now he is serving in Gods Army of Angels, he will be missed by his loved ones and comrades.
God Bless his family
God Bless America

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