VOYAGER/VETERAN: The Journey to a Successful Job Search Mindset

Voyager/Veteran is designed to provide a paradigm model for how one thinks about change needed and practiced for conducting exceptional and meaningful job search for veterans.

P.D. Pritchard, DVOP, GCDF, MS, presents the "VETERAN BASICS" to teach, inspire and instill confidence in veterans as they embark on their job-search journey. Through easy-to-understand steps, supported by examples, he provides readers with the blueprint and the tools to help them get started.

This approach to the job search embodies a combination of traditional and unconventional tools, and simple universal truths. The paths taken are diverse: inclusive of anecdotal examples, formal and informal training, educational disciplines, cultural, and social values. The focus is most certainly one of compassion, inquiry and self-discovery, all directed at fostering a productive mindset resulting in the development and realization of a veteran’s true career and employment potential, a journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

VOYAGER/VETERAN is the outcome of working with veterans who have experienced considerable difficulty in navigating and conducting a successful job search. With few exceptions the one revealing issue many of these vets have in common is a self-perpetuating blind spot – the inability to recognize or accept the fact they already have within themselves the means to be successful but lack the appropriate disposition to tap into that resource.

VOYAGER/VETERAN is designed to assist veterans by helping to establish and maintain a productive job search mindset, inclusive of the following authentic situations:
Dealing with The Past
Preparing for the Future by Accepting Change
The Value of Learning to Network
The Application Challenge
The Federal Application Process
The Reality of Resumes and Cover Letters
The Necessity, Value and method of saying Thank You

In summary, VOYAGER/VETERAN is an anecdotal presentation of individuals on their journey to overcoming barriers to employment. It’s the ultimate “How To” guide to a successful contemporary job search for today’s veteran. *Books are available on and bookstores.

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