From Casualty to Messenger

Stockton, CA

John Louis Tiano's message of gratitude & hope found a voice near the end of the first decade in the twenty-first century, after 20 years. The new song single is titled 'American Flag', on it's way by resolution voted on & unanimously approved at Karl Ross Post 16 in Stockton, CA. Now en route via the Central California District Office, & headed to the National offices in Indianapolis. The song must find it's way into to the Flag, Youth, & Patriotism Divisions of the American Legion.
There is more to come, & with your help providing America's new song a platform serving our National Interests toward preserving Our More Perfect Union, the greatness of a revived unity shall follow. May we all flourish in these coming times, to better serve our neighbors.
Written by John Louis Tiano & Vince West,, (209)981-6505
Copyright 2009.
V1 It was the American Flag flying tall and clear
It was our National Anthem I could hear
And I stood there proud for the Red White & Blue
Knowing all my life I'd been true
To the dreams we’ve built as a Country
To the promises we’ve all made
How our soldiers still fight for Freedom and
Why American Pride will never fade
V2 You are the American Flag flying tall & clear
As our National Anthem is sung in a cheer
Where I can hear all the people feel just like me
True blooded righteous strong and free
And as I watch the faces I know in my mind
No matter where I look I'll never find
A country standing with me the way you do
You know I’ll always be proud of your Red, White, and Blue
Br As a people we stand proud
Sing our National Anthem sing it loud
As a Nation righteous free and strong
Pulling together we know right from wrong
Flying high on top of that pole
You reach so deep down in my soul
I hope you know how proud I am of you
And how I love your colors of Red, White, and Blue
Musical Channel
V3 You're still the American Flag flying tall and clear
Showing there is nothing I should (need) fear
And as I watch you bend and fold with the wind
I pray your days don't ever end
So when the sun sets and your crowds clear away
I know with each tomorrow I'll still feel this way
So I lift my head put my hand on my chest and say
"AMERICA I’ll always give you my best" because
Outro (w/ a slight melody)
I pledge allegiance to the Flag
Of the United States of America
And to the Repuiblic for which it stands
One Nation under God
In /di / vis / ible with Liberty and Justice
Liberty and Justice for all.
"That's the Sound of Freedom"

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