Legion Riders making a difference

Zillah, WA

On this date, I saw what “Making A Difference Each Day” really means. I am humble, proud and honored to have witnessed how veterans working together can make a difference on any given day.
“America rose to be the most powerful & successful nation in history, in part because of her freedom. Countless have risked their lives to attain her freedom & to defend it. We must never allow failed ideas to poison and destroy the freest nation on earth.”
The American Legion Riders Post 130 of Zillah, Wash., the American Legion Riders Patriot Guard 5th District of Post 25, Kelso, Wash., along with the City of Grandview, Administrator/Public Works Director, City Police Department and the community, showed our citizens how working together made a tremendous difference and showed many citizens all over this great nation how it is done. We did not spend time looking for ways to do nothing, we came together and made it happen.
We will be back many times to support our veterans in this community. I am so thankful for everyone’s support and dedication for helping our veterans. Let it be known that the American Legion Department of Washington, Legion Riders, Patriot Guard and the City of Grandview citizens are one of our greatest assets which will prevail when all else fails. God bless all of you, and may we never forget those who paid the ultimate price.

Joe Santos, American Legion Riders Post 130
Dale L. Spurlock, PUFL, American Legion Post 130, Volunteer Service Officer

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