WV American Legion Riders Chapter 14, veterans organization provide meals to homeless residents

Martinsburg, WV

WV American Legion Riders Chapter 14, working alongside Blackout Veterans Stop, are trying to do their part to help all residents in the area, whether they are veterans or not.

While many know Spring Mills resident Chuck Timbrook for his mobile veteran’s-tribute truck rig, his work in the community spreads far beyond that.

Timbrook, alongside other volunteers at the Blackout Veterans Stop, prepared and packed over 100 hot dogs that were distributed to homeless residents in the Martinsburg and Spring Mills area. The Blackout Veterans Stop also provides free coffee and snacks to veterans. Timbrook says he wants to create a safe space for veterans to come together and connect with each other.

“You can’t separate [the homeless and veterans] because they’re homeless, you know, and they need help. So not only do we help the homeless veterans, we help anybody that’s homeless,” Timbrook explained. “This is something that I want to see grow, something that I want to grow way bigger than me. Because if it grows way bigger than me that means we made a difference.”

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