My Hero Parents

Larned, KS

Here's a little about my father. Dad went into the Army during World War II and ended up at Fort Bragg in 1943 and then went off to Europe.
After his service during WWII he was discharged from the Army. He met my mother and they married in 1947 in Cameron, W.Va. This is a very important fact. As Korea started to get hot, my dad re-enlisted and was off to Korea. My mom also enlisted in the Women's Army Corps and served her time during the Korean War. My dad stayed in the military after his tour of duty in Korea and was shipped to Germany during the cold war.
My mother was only in for the one tour of duty and she was honorably discharged and started being the good Army wife. During one of his tours in Germany they found me. I was adopted out of a German orphanage and came to the United States in 1959 and my dad was stationed at Fort Ord in California.
Both my parents became active in The American Legion and were also able to help charter the Sons of The American Legion at Post 593 in Prunedale, Calif.
I became a charter member there and have continued my membership ever since. My mother was the most active in The American Legion because my father was still in the Army. He shipped out to Vietnam in 1965 for a tour of duty there, while my mother was busy working her way up through the offices at the post and district levels.
After he returned from Vietnam he again got orders in 1967 for Germany. Another family trip. We kept our memberships up but weren't active members in the Legion.
Upon his retirement in 1969 we settled in small town Kansas where I remain today. We continued our membership at the Home Post 18 in Cameron, W.Va. - my mom's hometown.
Both of my parents are gone now but I try my best to continue the tradition and to honor them with my membership in the Sons of the American Legion.
I'm an active member of Squadron 180 in Great Bend, Kan., as well as the district commander and one of two Master at Arms for the Detachment of Kansas. I owe my service to our veterans to the way I was raised and thank my parents daily for my willingness to help others. There just isn't too much I wouldn't do to help whenever possible.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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