World War II Navy Seabee

marysville, MI

My father, Chester B. Kidder, was inducted into the U.S. Navy Seabees on Aug. 10, 1945, Nearing the end of World War II. He served 6 months and 6 days before being honorably discharged. He earned the ratings of AS, S2c & World War II Victory Ribbon while stationed at USNTC Samson, N., and then to Davisville, R.I.
At the time of his being drafted into service I was a child of 6. I vividly remember, with my mother and older sister, taking him to catch a train in Detroit. I still have his U.S. Navy Seabee uniform on display. He passed away in 2007 with a military honor guard. He was a member of Marysville, Mich., American Legion Post 449.
I have flown the U.S Navy Seabee flag daily below the Stars & Stripes in the front yard of our home in his honor. Although he did not see combat, he proudly served his nation when called upon.
I am a retired police chief. My police partner of nearly 30 years was also a U.S. Navy Seabee, serving in the Pacific Theater.
As a 34-year member of SAL Post 449, I respect all the men and women who faithfully served their country.

Edward W. Kidder
Marysville, Mich.

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