Mark L Donald, decorated SEAL veteran.


Butternut hosts decorated SEAL veteran

Zyk Post 272 - Butternut, WI

Butternut American Legion Zyk Post 272 Hosts Decorated SEAL Veteran, May 29th, 2017, Butternut School, 10 am – Memorial Day Program

As a Navy SEAL and combat medic, Mark L. Donald served his country with valorous distinction for nearly 25 years and survived some of the most dangerous combat actions imaginable. From the rigors of BUD/s (SEAL) training to the horrors of the battlefield, Mark’s first book, "Battle Ready," dramatically immerses the reader in the unique life of the elite warrior-medic who advances into combat with life-saving equipment in one hand and life-taking weapons in the other. It is also an uplifting human story that reveals how a young Hispanic-American bootstrapped himself out of a life that promised a dead-end future by enlisting in the military. That new life began with the Marines and included his heroic achievements on the battlefield and the operating table, and finally, of his inspirational triumph over the demons caused by post-traumatic stress disorder that threatened to destroy him and his family.
"We all have personal battles we deal with on a daily basis. Too often we let our circumstances act as barriers rather than a roadmap, but it’s never too late to change. Start experiencing the world how you always wanted..." Mark L. Donald
Born to a Mexican mother and Caucasian father Mark grew up appreciating the value of ethnic diversity. Inspired by his mother’s ideal of serving others, and a desire to escape the difficulties at home, Mark enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 17. A recipient of three of the nation’s top four medals for valor, Mark is considered the most decorated "medical officer" since the Second World War, and one of the highest combat-decorated veterans from the Afghan and Iraqi wars: the Navy Cross, Bronze Star, Silver Star and Purple Heart. He is co-author of the acclaimed biography "Battle Ready: Memoir of a SEAL Warrior Medic," currently being developed for a television series, which discusses overcoming childhood difficulties, service in the Special Operations community, and the demons Mark encountered from post-traumatic stress. Today, Mark serves as president of JIC Global, a consulting firm specializing in global health and cross-cultural outreach strategies. When not at work Mark focuses his efforts on helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. His next book, "Rebuilding Your Life," takes an evidence-based approach to managing personal health while developing a life full of energetic and enlightening activities.

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