Post 49, Tilton NH Park Cemetery Committee

Whiteman-Davidson Post 49 - Tilton, NH

Once in awhile, a Department Adjutant finds a great story ongoing in one of his posts and this one does this Department proud. I am please to submit this story.

21 Members from Whiteman-Davidson American Legion Post 49 formed a committee to clean up WWI and WWII headstones last summer. This past summer they got together again to pick up and clean up Civil War Stones. The picture above is a before and after of just one of the stones.
The committee has taken 55 of the 135 Civil War gravestones up out of the ground, filled in the dirt around them, and cleaned them up. They plan to start again in the spring to finish the project by the end of next summer.
The Park Cemetery Committee consists of:
Harold Harbour, Duane Harbour, Charles Harris, David E Smith, Todd Moses, Raymond Harris, Richard Bourdeau, Ryan Bourdeau, Chris G Kelly, Tom Jenkins, Don Lemay, Paul Tierney, Chris Murphy, Joe Newton, Joe Rogers, Roy Cilley, Ronald Huckins, Tony Cross, Drew Parenteau, Jeremy Michaels, John Fife.

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