Fundraiser for "Operation Comfort Warriors"

Owen Coffman Post 519 - Palm Springs, CA

On Sunday January 1st Post 519, Palm Springs, California held a fundraiser at the Post to benefit "Operation Comfort Warriors". Local musician Chris Gore and his "Jackson Garrett" band were the headliners. Musicians who participated is this successful event were Gary Bias, Grammy Award Winning musician and Alto Sax player of the band "Earth, Wind, and Fire. Also on the bill was Mark Guerrero, Kristy King, Laura Hagan, Marty Steele and many more. These talented musicians donated their time and performed free. They are certainly,true Patriots. As all of them said, they wanted to help and support the Soldiers, who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep us safe. I salute these talented musicians.

Albert Martinez
Post Adjutant

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