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5th Annual Memory Poker Run 2011 Post 8

Department of Florida - WINTER HAVEN, FL

5th Annual Memory Poker Run 2011

This year the Memory Poker Run raised $8,729.27 thanks to the efforts of over 300 bike riders and the Post 8 family. This fund raiser was started and run by Sal Cmdr Squadron 8 Todd Cole and his wife Lynn, a member of Unit 8 and Cabane 218, back in 2007 after Todd's mother was afflicted with the nasty brain disabling disease of Alzheimer’s.

His mother was diagnosed with this illness at age 63. The family was lost, they had no idea where to turn to, what to do, what resources were available to help them deal with this illness. There was a feeling of confusion, anger, and despair. It was not till after her death at 66 that they found out about the Alzheimer’s Association and all the resources for the care of one with this illness or to help with the caregivers.

After her death this became their Raison d'etre for hosting this annual event. This year they were helped in running it from John Weems incoming P8 Cmdr. Many bike riders from the Post 8 American Legion Riders and their fellow bikers from Polk County helped in the fund raising. In the last 5 years they have raised $38,227 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Besides the poker run both Todd & Lynn raise donations by doing Karaoke at Post 8 for tips. DJ the deck parties at Post 8 for tips and they have a drive through BBQ too, all the tips and profits go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

This is truly a Legion family acting together for the benefit of the community. Todd was born and raised in NC and moved to Immokalee at age 10. His wife Lynn was born and raised in Immokalee and they have been married 24 years with 2 lovely daughters and 1 granddaughter. We should all feel proud to be members of such a great organization that unites for such worthy causes.

Photo by Lynn Cole.
Submitted by Andrew W. Nagy Department of Florida

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