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Satellite Service Post 911 - Jeffereson City, MO

Their template is that of the 21st Century Blueprint that PNC Clarence Hill proposed.The Legion's mission is all about Service.That is why Cdr Cross insisted that their Post be termed a Satellite Service Post,because it really doesn't matter where you live,if they can help you,they will.“It is our goal to uphold that regardless of where we may live” said Cmdr Cross. Most every Legion Post has members that live out of town, we just engage ours and keep them informed of veteran legislation,and activities that we propose. Members like to be kept in the loop,even if they are unable to volunteer. We encourage them to mirror the same wherever they live and to do it in the name of the Legion. Mutual helpfulness isn't just a phrase or sound bite to us, our greatest asset is our time and a listening ear.

We meet in our own homes via teleconferencing and video conference calls twice monthly. Younger veterans migrate to organizations like ours. It’s a natural partnership if you think about it. They love the technology. It's efficient and cost effective. To our Legion family of posts, we hope you will welcome our members when they visit your post. They are our ambassadors and will help out wherever they can.

Many are attracted to our type of post because they like what they see in our philosophy. We are accepting of all cultures, races, genders and lifestyles and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts.We don’t ask and could care less.If you served,you belong.

Uniquely, all of the Officers of our Post are trained PSO’s from various departments and although we cannot force them, we encourage our members to go to conferences in their own states take Post Service Officer Training.It is my belief that if a veteran is in need of help, and we know how to help, we should be able to assist them right then and there, without delays.

If you would like to communicate with Post911 at
Their Facebook page is:

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