Central Area Oratorical Contest Department of Florida

Central Dept. Of FL - Tampa, FL

On Saturday February 25, 2012, The Central Area of the Dept of Florida conducted their Oratorical Contest. We had 3 contestants one from each district in the central area. The District’s in central area are as follows District 7, District 15, and District 16. District 7’s contestant was Alex Villanueva from Post 8, Winter Haven High School. District 7 Chairman Andrew W. Nagy District 15’s contestant was Erica Marshall, from Post 5, Bay Shore Christian High School. District 15 Chairman is Frank Smith and the 16th District contestant was Asia Smith, from Post 273, Plant High School. District 16 Chairman is Pete Torino. Contest was run by Central Area Oratorical Chairman Andrew W. Nagy.

Everyone gave their all and had super orations, staying very sharp on the assigned topic. There are no losers in this program; all are winners for just participating. The 1st place finisher was Asia Smith Post 273, District 16; she earned at least $500 and will represent the Central Area at the Department Oratorical Contest on Saturday March 10, 2012 at Department Headquarters. The runner up was Erica Marshall who will receive $100 for her placement. Finishing 3rd was Alex Villanueva; he also will receive $100.

We had 32 legionaries and guest in attendance. Central Area Commander Charlie Wing, District 7 Commander Nancy Thomas and District 15 Commander Jim Ziper were in attendance. Area Commander presented the contestants with a Certification of Appreciation.

In Picture from Left to Right are: Jim Ziper, 15th Dist Cmdr. Erica Marshall, Central Area Oratorical Chairman, Alex Villanueva, Charlie Wing Area Cmdr, Asia Smith winner, and Nancy Thomas 7th District Cmdr.

Pictures by Curt Brewer Post 118
Submitted by Andrew W, Nagy Department of Florida, Legion Town Liaison.

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