Post 731 Hosts BBQ for 79th Infantry Combat Team

731 - San Diego, CA

Post 731 believes in partnering up with local military units for mutual support. San Diego has always had a huge military presence, both in military installations and defense contractors. In the last twenty years so many of our States National Guard units have had combat deployments. A wealth of new membership lies within these units. Most of these veterans, while home, work and live locally and are a ripe source of membership infusion into an active Post.
Post 731 has been partnering with the 79th Infantry Combat Team for over a year now. We host BBQ's at the combat center and at other times the Unit will host events at the Post. The majority of these veterans have combat tours and are eligible for membership. Many have joined and the Post has been blessed with over 110% percent membership thus far this year.
By hosting these BBQ's we have been able to actively promote the American Legions aims and purposes. We always start off our discussions with a question, "Do you know who wrote the original G.I. Bill"? It is amazing how many do not know it was the American Legion. That answer is always a real attention grabber. The Post has adopted two policies for this. First, we are there to have fun and just show these soldiers that we care. And second, that our membership program is designed to make sure that no eligible veteran is turned away. Many have financial hardships and we cannot in good conscience see a private turned away because he is young, starting a family, and makes a minimal job wage. We care and we make sure they know it !
Pictured (l-r) Sharyn Camarato, 2nd Vice Cmdr, John Zimmerman, Finance Officer and Master Sergeant Trushow

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