My service to my country

403 - Van Meter, IA

In 1970 I was proud to wear the uniform of my country. In 1970 I was told by my commander that it was a bad idea to travel in my uniform. His rash opinion has haunted me for 50 years until now..
I have been very fortunate to have joined an American Legion post that applauds every veteran. We proudly wear our post caps and greet each other as brothers who served our country proudly.
I have been very fortunate to have found a home where my service to my country is appreciated and understood. My post stands proud as it supports the four tenets of The American Legion without reservation. I know that every time I don my post cap with its insignia, other members will look with satisfaction and say to the others, he IS one of us!
My post has asked me to be a member of its honor guard detail - they asked me! What an honor it is for me to serve my country and community once again as an honor guard member. My post has taken care to “Be the One” as it embraced me and my service in uniform. I have become a PUFL member of my post. Just one year ago, I had no idea that my post existed or what they represented. They reached out to me and in doing so, they proved how wrong my military commander was 50 years ago.
I am proud to stand tall next to my brothers on the honor guard detail of American Legion Post 403 in Van Meter, Iowa, as we fire the final salute for other veterans!
My grandfather was a doughboy in France during World War I. He was with the 127th Engineers. When he returned home in 1919, he joined the brand-new organization called The American Legion. I believe he looks down with pride as his grandson proudly wears his Post 403 pap in service of his Post 123 years later.

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